Guillotine: cold cutting machine or guillotine is a basic equipment of steel structures factories by which steel sheets applied in steel structures can be cut with certain thickness and accuracy. Guillotine of Shayansazeh factory has 6 meter length 25 mil/hydraulic.

Plasma cutting machine (hot cutting): plasma cutting is a process in which steel of other steels are cut in 15 cm diameter by one or more cutting blowtorch. And it is used mostly for cutting high thickness sheets in different forms.

Radial drill drilling machine: in order to drilling steel sections in nuts and bolts connections with different diameters and high accuracy.

Magnet drill: It is used for drilling in places that drilling is not possible with radial drill.

Submerged arc welding: this kind of welding is a process of submerged arc welding in which mineral materials are used for powder electrode and arc is made along with welding line. Connection of two steel does not enforce pressure and a material for filling is provided by electrode melt of welding wire or steel powder.

Welding machine (CO2): it is a new machine which creates quick and qualified operation with neutral or active gas and welding wire.

Welding machine (rectifier)

Firing saw machine

Thread machine

Lift truck machine

Roof cranes

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