Tejarat gostar shayan sazeh engineering with brand of shayan sazeh , having more than 10 years of experience in the field of design and manufacturing of heavy and lightweight steel structures and industrial sheds (silos), was licensed by golestan province organization of industry mine and trade

Currently , shayan sazeh co. has an area about 13000 m2 and annual production capacity of 3500 which is located in Aq QAala industrial state.

Director word:

All off my efforts and my colleagues is based on the principle to always give honest and impartial consultation to customers using modern equipments trained personnel and engineers we provide highest quality with the lowest costs.

Steel structures are made of some components (column ,beam ,brace and …)which are connected by connections.

 Hangar (niches)

Crane :nowadays design and manufacturing of various kinds of material transporter machinery resolves the need of material handling in industrial , out dear spaces and seaports as well as providing working speed and safety of employees which are great importance in large scale industries.


Steel structure

Steel structure is collection of structural elements (column, beam, wind bracing and …) where are bonded by connections . Due to limitation of enough electricity need, and .



Hangar are inclined steel structures manufactured based on specific technical calculations. Inclined structures are called Gable Bents or Ridge Bents in Latin.



Today industries’ need to load displacement and transportation in store houses is simply met in open spaces and ports because of development of technology….

Our works

  • Turkmenistan 1

    Turkmenistan 1

  • Truss Project

    Truss Project

  • Seminary


  • Phase 2 worth Structures

    Phase 2 worth Structures

  • Kordkoy industrial park project

    Kordkoy industrial park project

  • Aq Qala town hall project

    Aq Qala town hall project

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